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Strategy planning

Strategy is not just about audiences, media planning, or programmatic advertising. Strategy now also includes planning your customer’s increasingly complicated journeys, and devising narratives around your unfolding relationships with customers.

KLWTT understands the importance of not only target audiences and media planning, but also defining the right personas, plotting customer journeys and planning touchpoints.

KLWTT covers all the bases. We help you with both, offering you a truly integrated digital marketing effort.


The ongoing change from brand focus to customer focus has deep consequences, especially where it comes to applying technology.

Relevance is a must, and relevance is found in collecting, organising and analysing your data. You cannot address personal needs and tastes of millions of consumers without technology. To complicate matters, it’s developing very fast and allows us (and our competitors) to create more relevance on ever greater scale. It is imperative to keep up.

KLWTT not only understands and masters marketing technology, but knows exactly how to integrate it with your existing marketing efforts.

Data and analytics

At the core of everything is data. Understanding how data can be best utilised, analysed managed, shared, or even reported upon, is paramount.

Data drives content; it drives your choice of audience, channels, media and messages.

Websites can be so much more effective if they are responsive to the consumer that accesses them. Your audience becomes more receptive. Your information will fall into fertile ground and your offers will have much higher success rates if they are less interruptive and more relevant to the recipient, KLWTT understands this and will help guide you through this.

Lead generation

Especially in BtoB, generating leads is the life blood of your business.

But how do you set up processes that continuously generate leads, help qualify them, and steer them gently through a nurturing journey where they become receptive to your offer?

The answer is in the marriage between technology and mastering the communication channels.

KLWTT can help you with both, whether it’s database building, marketing automation, website optimisation, or telemarketing.


Marketing is undergoing rapid and drastic changes; customer (or consumer) focus is taking over. “Did you know my product is really good for you?” makes way for “Who are you, and how can I best be of service to you?”

We are about to enter a new Golden Age of Storytelling. Marketing has become storytelling, and modern marketing means personalised storytelling. Our brand stories should be around building relationships with actual people, and not just stick with talking about the brand itself.

KLWTT understands this, and helps you find your way in the new era of Content Marketing